Stars swear by

Grether’s Pastilles

Stars swear by
Grether’s Pastilles

Katy Perry & Gwyneth Paltrow

Katy Perry

Grether’s Pastilles

„They contain glycerin, so they’re great to loosen up my throat and voice – especially after a nap.“

„Grether's Pastilles are really a lifesaver. I know of several big performers who use them, including Idina Menzel and Alice Ripley.“

Gwyneth Paltrow

Grether’s Pastilles

„I love these soothing black-currant sweets and I always have a box on my desk."

Ariana Grande

Grether’s Pastilles

Ariana Grande, the American actor and singer-songwriter always keeps two tins of Grether’s Pastilles with her.

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Curt Hansen

Curt Hansen, an American actor, “steals” Grether’s Pastilles from his colleague Ariana Grande. 

Passionate fans

on YouTube, etc.

Some of our consumers are so enthusiastic that they have even shot short promotional films about Grether’s Pastilles and put them online. We would like to say thank you for that, and we look forward to seeing more visual treats.

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Message received via contact form


Dear Sir or Madam,

I simply must give you feedback about your pastilles. For two years now my nasal breathing has been very restricted and my mouth and throat are constantly dry. I recently read somewhere that Grether’s Pastilles could help. So I decided to get a tin of your pastilles. I took a pastille yesterday morning at 11am. Meanwhile, I have eaten, drank, slept through the night and, thanks to your pastille, my mouth and throat are still moist.

Your pastille is the best I have ever tried. Thank you for your fantastic product. Grether’s Pastilles are really excellent.

Kind regards,
Ludwig Harth

Grether’s Pastilles on YouTube, etc.

Grether’s black pastilles are Grandma’s miracle cure for a sore throat.

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How to Stop Vocal Fatigue and Sound Your Best.

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Backstage at "Wicked" with Lindsay Mendez, Episode 6: A Day in the Elphaba Life.

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VLOGIDAYS! {Episode 1}: Christmas Mantles, Ornaments & Sparkles!

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… When You're Sick - 3 Pre-Show Vocal Remedies

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Inside this tiny little box are nine pastilles. They’re called Grether’s Blackcurrant Pastilles and they’re world famous.

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In the press

“A blackcurrant” in the corner of your mouth

Rita Peterhans:
“I always have a ‘blackcurrant’ with me at competitions.”
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I also love Grether’s Pastilles mints

Anastasia Soare:
«I also love Grether’s Pastilles mints, and usually have a few tins inside my bag.»
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What are some items you both like to have on hand backstage?

Christopher Sieber:
«The usual: water/honey, Grether's Pastilles, emergency mole.»
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I will definitely have Grether's Blackcurrant Pastilles with me.

Pamela Adlon:
Emmy night survival tools: «I will definitely have Grether's Blackcurrant Pastilles with me. I gave one to Viola Davis last year.»
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Nicole Richie: What's In My Bag?

Nicole Richie:
More of what’s in Richie’s bag: Grether’s Pastilles cough drops
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What are some items you both like to have on hand backstage?

Kristin Chenoweth:
«Hand sanitizer, Tiger Balm, Grether's Pastilles throat lozenges and Tic Tacs.»
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Holds a tin of Grether’s Pastilles

Bill Raftery:
In a hallway afterward, Raftery, his performance complete, holds a tin of Grether’s Pastilles and starts sucking on one.
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My must-have pre-show items

Celia Keenan-Bolger:
«Sugarless Grether’s Pastilles and I drink about four of these water bottles.»
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Martina McBride: What's In My Bag?

AusMartina McBride:
«Grether's Pastilles are wonderful for my voice. They're really to moisturize your throat, but I chew them like candy before a show or going to the studio. I'm kind of addicted.»
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Sick before the show?

Melissa Errico:
«My dressing room looks like this: A humidifier, a face steamer, Grethers Pastilles …»
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If he’s heading for the wilderness, he always packs Grether’s Pastilles.

Michael Palin:
«Very comforting when you’re bouncing along and you haven’t eaten for a long time.»
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Along with that sugar fix, the singer is never without Grether’s Pastilles lozenges, her secret vocal fix.

Martina McBride:
«they’re wonderful for my voice»
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A mouth full of natural blackberry Grether’s Pastilles

Lisa Loeb:
… a mouth full of natural blackberry Grether’s Pastilles, …
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Show us your desk series – Andy C.

Andy Chen:
«They’re blackcurrant flavored! An old favorite. Famous for their throat-soothing properties for voiceover actors.»
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Charles Barkley’s Bark a Common Vocal Sore Spot

Charles Barkley:
«Use fruit-based or glycerin-based non-mentholated cough drops or candies, such as Halls Breezers and Grether’s Pastilles»
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In Kyle Dean Massey's Dressing Room

Kyle Dean Massey:
«Let’s start with my Grether’s Pastilles and Entertainer’s Secret throat relief spray. They’re essential!»
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